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Garbage Removal Services in Greenwood, SC

Garbage removal is a tough job, but Emerald Sanitation prides itself on its dedication to the community as we make this continual task a breeze. As you go about your daily routine, you'll notice our trucks quickly moving into and out of the neighborhood. When you return home, empty trash cans are the only leftovers of a job well done. We're pleased to offer the community several services that make trash collection a swift process.
Green dumpster with trash  — Emerald Sanitation Inc. in Greenwood, SC
Weekly Visits
You can always rely on our trucks as they visit your neighborhood every week. Our team sends out a reliable schedule that we stick to with vigor. If there are any alterations to the schedule, such as during the holidays, you'll be notified of the new trash-pickup days before the dates. Simply have ... Read more
several dumpsters in a row — Emerald Sanitation Inc. in Greenwood, SC
Special Pickup Options
Oversize yard trash, furniture and other bulky items need to be discarded in special ways. Instead of hauling these items to the dump yourself, contact our office for a specialty pickup. Our rates are reasonable so that you can eliminate this waste in a safe and eco-friendly manner.
Black Rollout Trashcans — Emerald Sanitation Inc. in Greenwood, SC
Rollout Cart Convenience
For your convenience, we also offer rollout carts. Heavy trash items shouldn't be a burden on your family. These carts give you a chance to move the items without harming yourself. Once the items are outside, our team takes over the heavy-hauling burden. Keep the cart as long as you live in the ... Read more
If you have a special request, contact us at 864-223-6788 during any weekday. Our staff can answer your questions, schedule a service or call you back with further information as necessary. We can all work together and create a cleaner neighborhood every day.